Amanda Ondricek

“My kids love their time with Sensei Hollowell. He is not only a dedicated, patient teacher for children, but an all around good mentor and role model. We chose him and Shoshin Ryu MA because he allows my kids to move at their pace without some of the pressure seen in other dojos.

Sensei is committed to the success of our whole family too. He supports my kids in all their goals. He models and guides them in positive thinking, patience, and hard work. He has organized a dojo fun run, women’s self defense classes, and ninja warrior workshops.

He practices what he preaches and auditioned for American Ninja Warrior too! He keeps things fun too, like costumes on Halloween as pictured. He supports a positive, healthy life by coming to my kids’ theater performance and even joined us to celebrate their little sibling’s birth at a party. We love learning from Sensei Hollowell!”

-Amanda Ondricek